The sedating effects of Kratom

Kratom Sedative EffectsKratom, the new herbal supplement rising to fame, is a jack of all trades. Many know it for its pain relieving and energizing qualities, but Kratom can also be sedating. There are two ways in which Kratom can become more sedating; one being the type of strain taken and two being the dosage.

Kratom taken in higher doses is has the opposite effect of its usual energy, sedation. Some Kratom users like to take advantage of these effects by taking a higher dosage, thus obtaining the tranquil qualities. However, this may not be the best method as it is a known fact that if you take too much of something, it can make you nauseous. Thankfully one of Kratom’s claim to fame is that your body will automatically reject it before there can be any form of an overdose; in the form of vomiting. The better method would be to choose a more sedating strain. Kratom comes in several different strains: white, green, red. The reds are known to be the most relaxing and restful. Most Red Thai’s and Maeng Da’s provide better sedation as opposed to others.

Kratom Sedative EffectsIt is important to remember the type of strain and the color associations and to be sure of what each product is, to best utilize its qualities. Along with most Kratom strains, some companies have also created custom blends and fusions that work to enhance Kratom’s sedating qualities to help it work more like a relaxing or sleeping aid. Kratom can help to provide the relation and restful sleep many of us need and are lacking.